Cannabis Advocates – the biggest bang for your buck.

First a quick refresher: The Green Voice is an online marketplace where cannabis-related brands and influencers can meet to create and share social media content that promotes the brand. More than just traditional influencer marketing, we help cannabis brands build a community of brand advocates to promote their brands in a safe and legal way. 


We added two new firms to our legal advisory panel.  Thanks and welcome to Heidi Urness Law and Omar Figueroa – two of the best in the business when it comes to understanding the legal nuances of advertising compliance in the cannabis space.  With them we have the states of Washington and California covered but we’re still on the lookout for top legal talent in Colorado, New York, Illinois, and other cannabis markets.  Please let us know if you have any recommendations.   

All systems (social, website, platform) are up and fully operational.  If you’re a cannabis-related brand or a cannabis advocate that would like to get rolling – head to the site to learn more about what we’re up to or dive right in by signing up on the platform.


Cannabis brands are turning to their loyal customers to drive publicity and sales

I just read an article about how COVID-19 is hurting cannabis retailers in popular tourist destinations such as Vegas, Alaska, Colorado, and Florida. The sudden drop in visitors led to a decrease in sales. But a few smart cannabis companies decided to focus their efforts on regular customers within their communities by offering discounts and incentives such as loyalty programs

That’s where The Green Voice comes in.

We work with cannabis companies to build communities of brand advocates. We can help find and connect with your loyal fans, users, and customers.  We can help you onboard, train, and engage them.  

With the recent market uncertainties, we know that most marketing budgets are tight.  Advocates that already know and love your product are usually willing to create and share engaging and authentic social media posts for very little in the way of compensation.  It’s one of the best marketing ROIs available.   

Now is the time for cannabis brands to get creative about their marketing strategies. We’re here to help. Read more on here or send me an email at I’d love to connect. 

Andy Kieffer

CEO, The Green Voice

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