Cannabis Marketing in the times of COVID-19

COVID-19 & Cannabis – what we’re reading 

Here at The Green Voice, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about the impact of the current pandemic on cannabis companies. There’s no doubt that cannabis businesses have seen challenges because of COVID-19. From a decline in tourism-related sales to disrupted supply chains to the lack of federal business support, cannabis businesses have taken a hit.  

Still, the cannabis industry will keep growing strong. Experts are saying that the cannabis industry is uniquely positioned to weather the COVID-19 storm, thanks to its consideration as an essential business, its relevant medical applications, and its recession-proof products. 

Smart cannabis brands are using this opportunity to seize market share and solidify relationships with current clients.  One of the most effective and cash-efficient ways to do this is to engage fans and users as brand advocates. 

Authentic brand advocates deliver measurable results

The Green Voice is dedicated to helping cannabis brands drive sales by building brand advocate communities. 

Brand advocate communities are the next wave of influencer marketing. By connecting with people who already know and love your brand and asking them to create social media content on your behalf, you get the real engagement that motivates buying behavior.  

Brand fans deliver the best bang for your marketing buck.  

Brand advocates already love your product and are eager to tell your story.  Their authenticity delivers real buying behavior and they generally aren’t looking for much (if any) monetary compensation. Many are just delighted to be noticed or mentioned by a brand they love.  In exchange for some free or discounted product, access to exclusive events or products, or some corporate schwag, you can harness the power of these content creating brand cheerleaders.  You could essentially run multiple campaigns with hundreds of loyal users without spending a single dollar. 

Getting started with The Green Voice

If you’re interested in building your brand community, but not sure how to start, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help. The Green Voice has a three-phase approach to recruiting, onboarding, and executing campaigns with your loyal fans and customers. We can help find and connect with your loyal fans, users, and customers.  We can help you onboard, train, and engage them.  

Not a brand manager or a CMO?  Do me a favor, share this with one that you think could benefit from it.

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