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Cannabis Advocates – the biggest bang for your buck.

First a quick refresher: The Green Voice is an online marketplace where cannabis-related brands and influencers can meet to create and share social media content that promotes the brand. More than just traditional influencer marketing, we help cannabis brands build … Read More

Welcome to the Green Voice

WANT TO BE GREEN LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER? The Green Voice is an online marketplace that connects organic, herbal product brands with their users, fans, and advocates. As an influencer or advocate you can get rewarded with discounts, free products, or cash … Read More

The Green Voice – Your Cannabis Advocate Connection

Helping cannabis brands promote their products The Green Voice is an online marketplace where cannabis providers and influencers can meet to create and share meaningful content that promotes the brands’ products. The growing cannabis industry According to a report by Grand … Read More

Getting Started As an Advertising Brand

Getting started with the Green Voice is simple. Just head on over to the sign up page, select the “Business” option and walk through the steps – simple. You can also check out the series of video tutorials we’ve made … Read More

Build a connection with the real consumers who love your product - the authenticity will pay off.

Unilever’s executive vice president for global media, Luis Di Como is urging the industry to forge long-term “purposeful” relationships with influencers and monitor KPIs other than reach in order to tackle fraud in the sector.

Getting Started as a Content Creator

We’ve built the GreenVoice on top of the VoxFeed marketing platform – as a content creator it’s easy to get started.  Just visit the site, select the “I am an Influencer” option and it will walk you through it.  You … Read More